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It is the fight that the whole world has been licking their lips and rubbing their hands in anticipation for. Time for talk is over. It has been labelled “The fight of the Century” as Floyd “Money” Mayweather will take on UFC Champion Corner McGregor in a boxing match scheduled for this Sunday in the early hours of the morning.

Both fighters finally agreed that there will be boxing match in which they announced two months ago. With these two fighters, there aren’t many superlatives left to further describe how talented they are, but in McGregor’s case, is he going to make history by being the first ever fighter to defeat Mayweather in a boxing ring and break his unbeatable streak?

As far as boxing world as concerned, Mayweather is the hot favourite. With his experience in the ring in 12 rounds against McGregor could prove vital. There won’t be any doubt from Mayweather as he won’t take McGregor very lightly.

This boxing fight will take place in Los Angles. A massive crowd in attendance will be hoping for a beautiful fight between the two boxers. This will be the night that everyone will be watching across the world. Certainly, the Irishman will do well to not take Mayweather lightly in the ring, but he can be confident because he himself is an exceptionally good fighter. His legs on that day won’t be needed as rules indicate that only fists will be used. That might work in favour of Mayweather. The latter is most defensive fighter in history as his technical ability is fantastic. How will McGregor cope with that?

Looking at the odds, Mayweather is the favourite to win, but some people are expectant that McGregor is capable of causing major upset on the night.

Looking at their respective records, Mayweather has fought in 49 matches and has won all with 26 coming as knockouts. As for McGregor, he has fought 21 times in the UFC fights with 18 wins and only three losses.

So, the question is, will Mayweather continue his brilliant streak to make it 50 – 0 or is McGregor about to make history by defeating Mayweather and making it 49 – 1? All will surely unfold come the early hours of Sunday, central African time.


Author: Takalani Lufhugu

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