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Maurizio Mariano Speaks To Us About The Premier’s Social Cohesion Games

Maurizio Mariano speaks to us about the Premier’s Social Cohesion Games

Convener of The Gauteng Premier’s Social Cohesion games, Maurizio Mariano gives us information on the games.


Our initiative has the vision to reaffirm the following:

1. Making Gauteng the Home For All

2. Making Gauteng a United, Non Racial & Non Sexist Province

3. Involving citizens and communities in the CHANGE they want.


Our Key Outcomes;

1. Nation Building

2. Transformation, Modernisation, Revitilisation of the Economy

3. Enhanced racial & religious tolerance and mutual respect

4. Improved Safety & Security of our Communities

5. Youth Empowerment

6. Community Participation



Q.How did the Idea of the Premiers Social cohesion games come about? 

The idea was developed in April 2015 when the foreigners were attacked in Kwazulu Natal, Johannesburg and other parts of the country.

We also want to acknowledge & recognise all the football players as far back as possible. We know that we had many Peles, Ronaldos, Eusebios & Messis but the oppressive system of the time precluded our players from reaching such global recognition and fame.


Q. What is the objective of these games?

Unity & Inclusivity, Tolerance, Nation Building, Sustainable Economic Growth.

Acknowledge & recognise all the football players as far back as possible.


Q. Which areas, towns or Cities will they take place in?

Soweto, Alexandra, Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Ekurhuleni , Westrand , Westbury, Sedibeng & Tshwane.


Q. What was the criterion of choosing these centres?

We are trying to cover the whole of Gauteng. Every year the centres will change.


Q. Which dates will they take place on?

25 and 26 February and 5 March.


Q. What will happen on the final day of these games?

We will hold the semi finals, finals, third & fourth playoff AND a FESTIVAL MATCH between Premier Makhura’s Team & David Kekana’s Team.


Q. Was it easy to get sponsors for the games?

Considering that it is our Inaugural Games, we are satisfied.


Q. Which sponsors were you able to get on board?


Aspen Pharmacare, VBS Mutual Bank, Putco, Nandos, Complete Water, Joburg Post, SA Fence & Gate, European House Ambrosetti, AJP Group, Nu Era Food Brands & Heineken.


Q. Who are some of the soccer legends or celebrities that we might see featuring?

Jomo Sono, Doctor Khumalo, Jabu Pule, Thapelo Liau, Frank “Disco” Makua, Brian Baloyi, Marco Di Giovanpaolo


Q. Will the Premier be playing as well, if so who is in his team?

I cannot disclose the Premier’s team for strategic reasons.


1. Office of the Premier
2. Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts and Culture
3. Africa Diaspora Forum
5. HIP Alliance
6. The Sports Trust
8. Mmako Group

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