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My Best XI: Mark McVeigh

My Best XI: Mark McVeigh



Gavin Hunt

Glen Salmon

Jubu mendu

Roger Feutmba

Mark Williams

Thabo Mooki

We might not win all the games but it will a great party after hahahahah

You might wonder why Gavin is on the bench , it’s cause he always put me on the bench so now I can


Mark McVeigh had the best right foot in the PSL, always made something happen when he had the ball.


Jabu Pule, this guy could turn a game at anytime. He wouldn’t be seen for 60 min then create 2 chances out of nothing . Oh and he could drink more than me too


Bernard Parker is a great first touch and always moving one of the hardest players to mark , and could finish goals that should have been goals.

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