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Shukela Xpress: Chiefs Go Down To Free State

Shukela Xpress: Chiefs go down to Free State

Siyaduduza, that’s Amakhosi’s word used in their commercial or advert on tv. Obviously for comforting. This weeks game was profiled as transition vs transition, and it was all to be determined by who perfects his defensive and offensive phase very very well.

Free State Stars looked fresh and confident and were not afraid of Amakhosi from the word go. Both coaches applied the same tactics with regards to formation and how they were going to play on transition.

I thought for this game, Amakhosi looked fresh and played with a lot of conviction. I guess just to accurately profile it, Komphela remodelled the formation from 4-2-3-1 to a flexible 3-5-2,which definitely not what Amakhosi are use to. Remember the application of the strategy is determined by the strength and weakness of the opposition, but in this case Komphela was informed by the quality of his players and whoever is selectable.

“In order to win the tactical battle you need gain numerical superiority and have strong players in 1v1 situation. Hence Free State Stars came to Moses Mabhida to win to advance to the next round, so Solinas (Stars coach) won the battle.

Komphela uhambe ngesox eliyi1 (Komphela left with 1 sock). Amakhosi had to equalise twice to stay in the game and conceded 2 goals after 5 massive clean sheets.

As usual, they scored from standard situations which have been Amakhosi’s way of getting goals for the last 5 seasons including Stuart Baxter era.

He (coach) stimulated willpower and confidence kulegame cause Amakhosi wanted it more, believe me.

Tactically he played 3-5-2,with Lebese/Buchanan /Ekstein/Manqele dropped and came in Cardozo/Parker/Maluleka.

Khune was not so busy between the 2 keepers and the goals he conceded were not his errors but he had a fair game despite not saving a single penalty in the shootout. As for Cardozo/Mathoho/Gordihno,they lose concentration, especially during the critical phases of the game. They need to have strong base in dealing with 1v1 situations. Mathoho can score with aerial balls but he can’t defend them, what a contrast. Gordihno was supposed to be sent off, and like Mathoho they can score but they can’t do their primary job. Cardozo looked confident and there’s a room of improvement umnandi. Not a bad presentation from him.

Regarding Tshepo/Rama, the tactics meant Khosi were going to attack from the wings, so they were responsible for defending and attacking on the sides of which I thought they did quite well. Midfield had Katsande /Maluleka who worked hard in the overpopulated midfield, which Amakhosi dominated, controlled and dictated. Shabba was erratic at times but effective for Amakhosis attacking phase. Maybe he’s not yet fully fit, but what a good header that was saved by Thelaof Free State Stars, but I am very disappointed he never took a penalty. Parker for mina asazi noma iage or confidence kodwa akuhlangani no Katsvairo hai bafethu I can’t be the only 1 ongamboni ungcolisa ijezi uyafosta.

Chirambandare/Twala/Khumalo came in for Masilela/Parker/Rama which meant change of approach was to a become more offensive minded, which saw Khosi coming back twice by scoring from their standard situation.

The game was decided by a penalty shoot-out; but trust me, fans are unhappy.

Twala/Gordihno missed with Khune not saving a single,eish sibaker ngembawula.

We must-win the next game,we can’t lose 2 in the row I culture leyo.

Siyagodola bafethu .

Nkulunkulu we bhola

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