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My Best XI: Marks Maponyane

My best XI: Marks Maponyane



Thomas Ngobe

Webster Lichabe

Joel Mnini

Bull Lehoko

Joel Faya

Des Barkos

Joseph Sethlodi

Image result for Ace Ntsoelengoe

Ace Ntsoelengoe , was a marvel to watch. I think he was the only player in the world, who when the pace of the game was fast, he would just , suddenly put his foot on the ball as far play has stopped. And say why we we rushing, while the opposition think the referee has stopped the game, he would take a few steps forward and deliver a killer pass. He was a genius.

Nelson Teenage Dladla, he could take on players all day, excite the fans. Whoever was assigned to mark him knew that he had a big shift on his hands. What a skilful player .

Jomo Sono, the midfield maestro, also a dead-ball specialist. Wonderful ability on the ball. Unbelievable player.

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