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Interview: Dino Ndlovu And The Move To Azarbaijan

Interview: Dino Ndlovu and the move to Azarbaijan

Q: How are you adapting to life in Baku?

A: My adaptation so far has been good can’t complain that much only that time zones took it’s toll on me and I struggle to sleep in time and you know without proper sleep you can’t really gel in well cause u will always be tired and sleepy in times of training and games 

Q: What’s the standard of the league ?

A: The standard of the league it’s not bad but not challenging so much cause we have only 8 teams in the league less from last season cause they had 12 last season this season is 8 but I don’t know their reasons why…

Q: How different is it from Cyprus league?

A: The difference is not that much cause last season i was playing for big team that has big history but we could not challenge for any silverware but this season I’m in a different team with big Vision and great financial muscle and good facilities and they have won the league 4 times in a Row so the stats speaks much louder 


Q: What was your motivation to move to this Azarbaijan premier league?

A: I will be honest my move was motivated mostly by the fact that the club has bigger ambitions and visions for the future and again for the fact that I can compete in one for the biggest leagues in the world which is Europa league 

Q: This is your third different league in Europe , you must surely be picking up some vital experience?

A: My experience so far has grown not only with my career also with the culture of different mentalities I came across and how football and religion has affected many countries negatively and positively 

Q: You scored a lot of goals in Cyprus last season, what your target for this season?

A: My target this season hasn’t changed that much from last season which i wanna improve my stats individually from last season and also win the league which is my bigger priority…collective goals

Q: Next week you are travelling to Italy to play Fiorentina in the Europa league, how excited are you at this prospect ?

A: My excitement it’s not so loud cause every game for me it’s important but this one is way too important cause going to Italy won’t be an easy task for the team and mainly cause we playing against Fiorentina


Q:  Is this a shop window for you to attract the top teams in the top five European league’s?

A: I don’t like to get ahead of myself with such situation cause you forget your responsibility as a player but it’s good opportunity for any player to participate in this league cause anything is possible when you perform well 

Q: Are you disappointed that you haven’t been able to establish your self as a regular and cemented your place in the national team?

A: I’m not yet disappointed cause what has been happening is the the true reflection of the ideal situation with the national team…cause I have performed well for my club but yet I was not given the opportunity to show case my talent to the nation…if can recall my 1st call up with the national team was the best 32 min of my national career but because I got injured in that game i could not finish what I started 

Q:  Are you the solution to our goalscoring problems for the national team?

A: Look I can’t say I’m the solution cause football is about 11 players in the pitch and everyone has his own responsibilities…so if one can’t do his own the the whole team will lack balance for which now is goals but what I can tell you is that i know how to score goals and I seek an opportunity like all the other strikers that have been called upon that’s all 

Q: Most South African players are not able to adapt well now Europe , you are now at your third European country and you are progressing well. What’s your secret? 

A: Look what I have learned is that in football you need to sacrifice more than you expect …for example as a footballer your body is the TOOL if you can’t take care of it then you won’t be able to adapt…and agin stability is important the support of your family and friends plays a vital role for you succeeding in Europe and before i forget you need to put in the extra work for yourself cause in Europe most of the time managers don’t baby sit in terms of making extra exercise for you to improve cause mainly they focus too much on how the team will react and in playing different games and situations…for example i would say the mentality of European football is like a student from Varsity and the learner in high school,in varsity you being lectured ,in high school they teaching you and spoon feeding you information so I think that’s the difference 

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