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Usain Bolt: 5 Things You Didn’t Know!

Usain Bolt: 5 things you didn’t know!

1. When he was 15 years  at the 2002 World Junior Championships held in Kingston, he was already a towering 1.98m tall.

2. He nearly lost his Olympic medals, when he was in New York, he left them in a bag in one of the guest rooms .

3. He once received a  diamond encrusted watch worth R400 000 from Former Barcelona Star Samuel , after he “caught” him staring at it. The footballer simply took it off and gave it to him.

4. He had a medical condition called SCOLIOSIS, which caused his spine to curve to the right and made his right leg half and inch shorter than the left. He went to see the top German surgeon Hans Muller Wohlfahrt, who is famous for treating top footballers, and the problem was fixed.

5.He is also a part-time DJ, he has a DJ decks at his house  and has played a few clubs in Miami and Berlin among other places.

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